2018 Kia Sportage vs 2017 Honda CR-V

2018 Kia Sportage parked on a concrete slab vs 2017 Honda CR-V in a parking lot over a city

For many drivers, the hardest part of deciding which vehicle works best for them is deciding which model to go with. Many vehicles that are now available are incredibly similar, and that can get confusing when you're shopping for a new vehicle. If you're trying to decide which crossover vehicle best works for you, try comparing two similar models, like the 2018 Kia Sportage vs the 2017 Honda CR-V. This way, you're able to see which features they have in common, and which ones are different, making it easier for you to determine which model works best for you.

2018 Kia Sportage


2017 Honda CR-V

Two Engine Options Two
240 hp Maximum Horsepower 190 hp
1,650 lbs Towing 1,500 lbs
Available All-Wheel Drive Available

Benefits of the 2018 Kia Sportage

With vehicles like the 2018 Kia Sportage and the 2017 Honda CR-V, there are quite a few things that are similar. Both models have available Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making it easier for drivers to connect their devices. However, on the 2017 Honda CR-V drivers have to jump up to the second trim level just to access the systems, where it is available starting on the base LX trim level in the 2018 Kia Sportage. Another similarity that both vehicles have is that they are both able to be equipped with All-Wheel Drive, which can make it easier to take your vehicle out in winter weather or across rough terrain.

Another aspect that is important to consider when you're looking for a new vehicle is if the vehicle will be able to perform to your standards. On both the 2018 Kia Sportage and the 2017 Honda CR-V you'll have two different engine options. If you opt for the 2017 Honda CR-V, your standard engine is a 2.4L four-cylinder that provides 184 horsepower and 180 pound-feet of torque, while the standard option on the 2018 Kia Sportage is a 2.4L four-cylinder that produces 181 horsepower and 175 pound-feet of torque.

Your second option on the 2017 Honda CR-V is a 1.5L four-cylinder engine with 190 horsepower and 179 pound-feet of torque. You'll get the most power from the 237 horsepower, 260 pound-feet of torque, 2.0L four-cylinder engine on the SX Turbo trim level of the 2018 Kia Sportage. No matter which engine option you go with, drivers of the 2018 Kia Sportage are able to tow up to 1,650 pounds when properly equipped. Compared to the 1,500-pound towing capability of the 2017 Honda CR-V, your best option for performance is the 2018 Kia Sportage. If you want to test the features for yourself, visit Seelye Kia of Kalamazoo in Kalamazoo, MI.